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Research & Evaluation Services

We know that demonstrating impact and developing an evidence base for your work is vital in establishing the credibility of your organisation. We offer a range of consultancy support to assist you with your research project. Whether it is seeking funding, coordinating your project, or linking you with partner organisations, we have partnerships with major universities and research experts that have the necessary expertise to take your research project from inception to completion. Our services include:

We have experience working to secure funding for a range of partners including local authorities, charities, higher education institutions, schools and social enterprises. We can work with you to:

  • Identify suitable funding streams
  • Develop your research methodology
  • Use our extensive networks to identify partners for your research project 
  • Write your research proposal/bid
  • Manage your funding relationships.

If you are looking to develop an evidence base for your services, demonstrate impact, test a new idea or concept, or improve your employees research skills, it can be hard to know where to start. Our research experts work with a wide range of organisations to help them work out what is the best research or evaluation approach for them and then help them to develop and coordinate their research project in a robust and compliant way. 

We offer a part or fully outsourced research and evaluation service, where our research experts can work with you to:

  • Devise your research project
  • Use our extensive expertise to bring on board the right partners for your research
  • Manage the relationships with internal and external stakeholders involved in the research
  • Implement data collection and analysis processes 
  • Formulate your research or evaluation findings
  • Produce and help you to publish your research report 
  • Work with you to develop a legacy for your research project
  • Train your staff to develop their research skills and confidence

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