Where to Start With Commissioning & Procurement - Group Training


Where to Start With Commissioning & Procurement - Group Training

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Course Details

Our Commissioning and Procurement training aims to provide those who are brand new to commissioning and procurement with an overview of the essential skills you need to design and implement purchasing activities for:

  • Services - such as professional services (HR, ICT, Legal etc) or operational services like marketing or fulfilment
  • Goods - such as IT equipment, office supplies and specialist equipment 
  • Works - such as building contractors and capital projects 

The course covers aspects of commissioning and procurement such as: 

  • To procure or not to procure - we help you to understand the step by step process you need to go through to make a decision about which form of purchasing is best to meet your requirements.
  • Developing your evidence base and rationale - we provide an understanding about how to develop your procurement specification.
  • Understanding your markets - do you know what the market looks like for the services, goods or works you want to purchase? We show you how to understand your market.
  • Compliant procurement process - maybe you are using public money to procure, if so there are often legal requirements to consider. We show you how to navigate these.
  • Contracting and legals - we are not legal experts and you should always seek your own legal input. However, we give you tips on what you should consider when entering into contractual agreements with suppliers/contractors.
  • Managing your contractors - procurement is the easy bit, managing your contractors to get the best out of them is where the hard part starts. We give you an understanding of the processes you should follow.

The course is delivered over one full day with the conceptual aspects of procurement delivered in the morning, and afternoon workshops where participants put the theory into practice. Please note that this course is designed to provide an overview of the principles associated in commissioning and procurement processes, so that participants are aware of the key considerations regarding their organisation's purchasing activities. However, BrightSparks CIC do offer a more detailed procurement consultancy service, where we can provide more detailed and bespoke advice regarding your purchasing requirements. Click here for more info and how to enquire. 

Training Prices

Our training prices are highly competitive and are as follows:

  • £1,500 for 5-10 Participant Places (£150 per place)
  • £2,000 for 10-15 Participant Places (£133 per place)
  • £2,500 for 15-20 Participant Places (£125 per place)
  • £3,000 for 20-25 Participant Places (£120 per place)

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Group Booking Instructions and T&C's

  • Please note that minimum number of participants to run a group training session is five.
  • Refreshments will usually be provided by BrightSparks at no additional cost. Lunch can be provided by BrightSparks and is an optional extra that can be selected above.
  • Individuals or organisations booking this course must provide a suitable venue for the training to commence. If you are unable to provide a venue, BrightSparks will source one near to your preferred location. However, please note that you will be charged (prior to the training) the costs of the training venue we have sourced plus a £50 administration fee.
  • Full payment must be made within 30 days prior to the agreed date of the training.
  • Any cancellations made within 30 days prior to the agreed date of training will be non-refundable. 
  • If the course is cancelled by BrightSparks due to unforeseen circumstances, a future booking will be offered.